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'In the infinite depths of the spirit where humans are human  no longer, in those depths inaccessible to the state and society, there are sound waves similar to the ether waves which surround the universe. There, rhythmic vibrations pulsate like those that shape mountains, winds, marine currents, the animal and vegetable worlds. It is the duty of the poet to commune with this primeval chaos and to draw harmony from it" Alexandr Blok's lecture on the 84th anniversary of the death of Pushkin:



Tactics is a trance-like, nerve-wreaking, attempt at casting off some obscure burden buried deep under black sands, a grab for freedom rooted in sudden experimentation : heartbeat, vocal cords, spasmophilia. Each song like a chiseled architecture flaming forth and blurring pulse and scream and scalding beat together. Each song a self-contained ensemble that stretches beyond its own limits—a network of intertwining rhythms that uses sound as locomotion.

Rejection of formal structure and linearity, lyrics that resonate with the band's intricate bundle of sound: creation consecrated again as unbridled force. David Studdert's words combine control and convulsion, mind and voice braced up and contorted. They are mental pictures, limpid descriptions, magnified visions of an instant seized in time and roused to life again : "the moon comes up / pale moon behind pale trees […] I'm dreaming of green fields / I'm dreaming of green" ("Settlers complaint").
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Tactics were one of the most celebrated acts on Australia's new wave scene during the 1970s and '80s, boasting an eclectic sound that ranged from angular pop and stripped-down psychedelia to fractured art rock, all married to the thoughtful provocative lyrics of Dave Studdert, the group's motivation was to create a popular music native to an australian being-ness.

Tactics was never a market driven outfit. Nor did it parade the usual trans Atlantic or trans-Pacific accent.  The bands they admired had their own sound and their own being-ness - Love,  The Doors, Burning Spear, the Kinks, The Stooges. They didn't want to copy  them but they wanted to be as unique to themselves as the bands they admired were to themselves.




Definitive collection of all the singles A sides, B sides from 1979 to 1987
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here's some clips - tactics only did two offiical videos, one's on a VHF somewhere in a box,  second language is the other -- the rest of them have been done by supporters!! A big thank you to them all!

http://www.fensepost.com/main/2017/06/04/tactics-australian-new-wave-post-punk/ here's a bit of press

If you want to check out some of my stuff, get the mood, or can't afford to buy it, here's a link to soundcloud site https://soundcloud.com/david-studdert

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