(David Studdert) is  a name given me by others. It is a four legged name . The four legs are novel,short stories, music and political writing. Evrything is here. And now.

I believe in mutual aid, happiness, all sorts of love & beauty, music, laughter, sociality, nice boots and bright trousers, I love the sky and the ocean. I love the wonder of things seen for the first time.

I was born in Australia on June 25th at 8.10 pm. In 1979 I was there in place of myself as part of the Sydney music scene. Which I graced. I now live in Europe. Enjoy. I have never sufferred any major diseases or broken bones. I sleep a lot. I am an expert in dreams. Sometimes I am a headless chicken & sometimes bold brave and twenty foot tall.

Music is a calling not a career.

I never eat anything advertised on television.

Alex once said "(Studdert) freaks me  right out. The way he sings, the way he moves, the basic way he plays guiter. Very different and exciting and interesting"

thank you Alex.

I try not compromise about what I do. I'm not averse to selling things but I refuse to be market driven. I'm always looking for something new and something that truly represents the experience of my life.  

Please feel free to email me or load up comments. I reply to everything. I like laughter, long discussions and the exchange of fraternal greetings.